John Nash  
A Beautiful Mind
Game Theory

John Nash, A Beautiful Mind and Game Theory

Yotk University
A Lecture at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
February 22th, 2006

Ariel Rubinstein

The Experiment is closed


In preparation for the lecture, it would be beneficial if you spend a few minutes responding to the six "problems" presented here. In each of the problems you will be asked to imagine that you are playing a "game".   There is no "right" or "wrong" answer.  Please respond as you would behave in the "real" situation.
You will be done when you see the sign

Your answers will remain confidential and only statistics on the results will be presented in the lecture.

Finally, since gender is meaningful for one of the problems, please proceed by clicking on the appropriate icon.

    Men Questionnaire Men  Women Questionnaire Women  


P.S. Technically, you will be using the web site Didactic Web-Based Experiments in Game Theory, built for use by teachers of Game theory.

P.P.S. For people who are especially interested in the subject, Sylvia Nasar's book
"A Beautiful Mind" is highly recommended.


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